Implementation Group Meeting 2011-03-15

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Implementation Group Call

Tuesday, March 15, 2011
3:00 PM EST

Arien -
We've gotten all of the specifications to consensus achieved state and we're setting up for two key communications deliverables. The 1st is the National eHealth Collaborative's NHIN U next Monday. The 2nd is around the HIT Standards Committee after that.

From a high level: we're wrapping up specification work and continuing reference implementation work. There is a lot to unpack there.

A lot of the workgroups have a need continue at a lower frequency post-March, so I think we'll have ongoing work for Reference Implementation, Best Practices, and Implementation Geographies.

I believe that there will be an ongoing need for high quality services folks who can help organizations assess readiness and technical capabilities for Direct implementation. So we're planning on putting an area on the website where organizations can signal their intent to offer their services. As usual, there are no warranties or recommendations, but I think it would be useful to give people an area to let others know that they have the technical capabilities for Direct Project specifications implementation.

Best Practices
There are a number of documents are in-flight. We focused on assessing the state of a number of those. We added another best practice document relating to the role of the individual.

We have a number of documents up for consensus. We have at least one that has attracted a no vote and some useful comments.

This workgroup definitely has a need to continue.

The main news here is NHIN U on Monday, HITSC meeting the week after that. We're putting a lot of work in place to make sure those events have the right information. In particular for NHIN U we're focusing on the ecosystem, as well as on what Direct means for clinical workflow.

Documentation & Testing
We've got the 2 specifications in a consensus state. We have a draft of the compliance document that will achieve WG consensus by tomorrow and then that will go to the full Implementation Group. We would appreciate everyone's review of that document because it's fairly foundational for Direct. We want to make sure that we have a clear document.

Implementation Geographies
There was a brief status update last week, and then a discussion on needing to meet less frequently.

Security & Trust
That workgroup has completed its work.

That's pretty much it. As always, thanks for everything!