Implementation Group Meeting 2011-03-22

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Implementation Group Call

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
3:00 PM ET

Arien -
The big news is the NeHC presentation yesterday. I think it went well. It focused on the Ecosystem, the set of Implementation Geographies, and the transition from transport to improving clinical practice with integrated system processing and workflow.

From a high level project standpoint, we have both specifications that are fully consensized, and we have the very important Direct Project Compliance document which is up for Implementation Group consensus. That is due a week from yesterday (3/28).

Next week we will cancel the IG meeting due to the HITSC meeting. This is where the Direct Project will report back out to the HITSC and this will effectively close the highly active portion of our work. There is consensus that many of the workgroups will be meeting on a reduced basis.

Best Practices
Last meeting we focused on 2 things: 1) Addressing a number of comments that we got on Best Practices for HISPs, Evaluation Criteria for Trust Anchors and Certification Authorities. David McCallie has made some edits to those documents. 2) We also put out a first draft of a Best Practices for Individual Involvement.

The main thing was the NeHC and what Communications should be doing throughout 2011. They should 1) highlight the Ecosystem (organizations that have made plans to incorporate Direct) 2) make sure we have consistent communication and can respond to and address communication issues as they come up 3) respond to the environmental changes that relate to the Direct Project.

Documentation & Testing
Janet -
Compliance document is up for consensus. Please take a look and vote on that by 3/28.

Implementation Geographies
Mark -
MEDfx pilot is up on the wiki.

Reference Implementation
Arien -
My assumption is that we're continuing to make progress on the usual maintenance for the 1.0 stuff and are focusing on the XD* gateway.

Greg -
The main piece coming out of that was around XD. There is a target deliverable for next week with all of XD included. C# side is trying to target the same date as Java (3/31), but they might not make it.

Arien -
We'll cancel next week's meeting. From there we'll either go to monthly meetings or just workgroup meetings.

Thanks everyone for all of the work that you have put in.