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Let's use Google Code as the default location for implementation teams to collaborate and iterate on the software stack. Rationale:
  • We're already using Google for the email list/group, so for many of you this should save the effort of creating yet another login.
  • There is support for both SVN and Mercurial
  • Our needs are relatively simple.
  • Github was another possibility, but my sense is that git usability on Windows is not where it could be.
  • Non-rationale: Google's involvement in the NHIN-D project. It doesn't matter or give them any special privileges.
  • The price is right, and so far, no ads.

Links to Google Code projects for each Implementation Development Team, and a working copy checkout command-line:

  • SMTP [For example: svn checkout [1]]
  • REST ([2])
  • IHE ([3])
  • XMPP

When creating a Google Code project for your Development Team, please follow the following guidelines:

  1. Name your project something starting with the letters "nhin-d-" so that it's easy to search for.
  2. Each team may decide whether to use SVN (Subversion) or Hg (Mercurial), it's up to you (the development team)
  3. Grant commit privs to everyone on your team, err on the side of inclusion. This is version control, we can always revert.
  4. Create a file named "License.txt" at the root level. Place in that file to following text: "The contributors to this project hereby agree to license their particular contributons here under the 3-Clause BSD License, a copy of which can be found at [4]". Then a line that says "Signed:", followed by a third line that says "[Individual, Company]" to denote we desire the contributor's personal name and their employer at the time of contribution.
  5. Grant administrative authority on your project to [[5]] and, so that should the tragic occur and the admins of a project vanish, necessary project management functions may still continue.