Implementers Workgroup Meeting 2017-03-21

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The purpose of this Implementers Workgroup meeting is to provide a forum for discussing post-implementation issues and practices related to Direct whether technical, operational, or logistical in nature, including Direct Project specifications and implementation guides, adoption efforts, and innovative uses and deployments. It’s a forum for a peer-to-peer exchange of ideas, thoughts, and practices for project leaders within the Direct community.

1. Logistical Items (Workgroup Lead / Direct Coordinator)

2. Scheduled Discussion / Updates (All, as/if applicable)

  • Office of Management and Budget Circular A-119 and the need for Direct Project wiki updates (Matt Rahn, ONC)

  • Implementation Guide for Expressing Context in Direct Messaging
    • Implementation updates and/or questions from anyone?
    • “Draft for trial use” published in December. Details posted here.

3. Roundtable Discussion / Updates – Open (All)

4. Adjourn