Implementers Workgroup Meeting 2017-10-17

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The purpose of this Implementers Workgroup meeting is to provide a forum for discussing post-implementation issues and practices related to Direct whether technical, operational, or logistical in nature, including Direct Project specifications and implementation guides, adoption efforts, and innovative uses and deployments. It’s a forum for a peer-to-peer exchange of ideas, thoughts, and practices for project leaders within the Direct community.

1. Logistical Items (Workgroup Lead / Direct Coordinator)
  • Workgroup meeting schedule for 2017 has been posted.
  • October 2017 meeting is the last meeting currently scheduled for the year. Should we add a meeting in November to follow-up after the Connect-A-Thon?

2. Scheduled Discussion / Updates (All, as/if applicable)

  • Implementation Guide for Expressing Context in Direct Messaging
    • The 2017 Direct Project Connect-A-Thon is in two days: Thursday, October 19
    • Any implementation updates and/or questions before the Connect-A-Thon?
    • Plan to process feedback post-Connect-A-Thon.
    • Links to the current "draft for trial use" and examples of messages expressing context can be found here.

  • "Large" message transport in Direct (ex: transport of large images like DICOM)
    • Option under consideration involves message fragmentation and reassembly as defined by RFC 2046.
      • MaxMD is offering source code suitable for use within the Java RI (two Java RI Maillets) and unit testing data here (download size 44 MB).
    • Updates/status?

3. Roundtable Discussion / Updates – Open (All)

4. Adjourn