Implementers Workgroup Meeting 2019-03-19

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The purpose of this Implementers Workgroup meeting is to provide a forum for discussing post-implementation issues and practices related to Direct whether technical, operational, or logistical in nature, including Direct Project specifications and implementation guides, adoption efforts, and innovative uses and deployments. It’s a forum for a peer-to-peer exchange of ideas, thoughts, and practices for project leaders within the Direct community.

Call-in details: Conf bridge: 866-816-4209, participant code 3980879

1. Logistical Items (Workgroup Lead / Direct Coordinator)

2. Scheduled Discussion / Updates (All, as/if applicable)

  • Errata in the XDR and XDM for Direct messaging
    • Check current table links & one new table reference (Jim Fisher researched this and a document was distributed for discussion at the previous meeting)
    • Direct namespace schema document reference needed (please contact Luis Maas with information)
    • Seeking feedback from ONC on use of XDR/XDM IG Errata in ONC Certification program (Luis Maas emailed Glenn and Brett with specifics; Glenn will also try to confirm the version of the IHE manuals used by upstream XDM validator tools)
    • Request support in updating of broken link for limited metadata spec (current URL is not valid:; please contact Luis Maas with information)
  • Self-submission of Direct addresses to NPPES
    • Direct addresses can now be published and discovered in the NPPES database.
    • The workgroup anticipates that patients and other non-Direct users may mistakenly send email to Direct addresses as these become increasingly discoverable.
    • The workgroup is discussing possible standardization of SMTP error codes to be returned when a non-Direct message is received by an STA. Code 5.6.1 was proposed.
  • DirectTrust SDO Status Updates
  • Changes to current IG for Context

3. Roundtable Discussion / Updates – Open (All)

4. Adjourn