Laboratory reports test results for some specific conditions to public health

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Perspective: A testing laboratory has a preliminary, final or amended test result to report to Public Health

Context: The laboratory has made the determination that it is clinically and legally appropriate to send the test result to Public Health

Story: Each State has laws mandating the reporting of positive and/or negative test results for specific conditions to Public Health. Typically either statute or regulation specifies both the timing and method of reporting test results, and the appropriate jurisdiction to receive the report. Currently there is a wide mix of electronic and manual reporting approaches, with a gradual migration towards electronic reporting as LIS, HISP and Federal, State and Local electronic reporting systems become common.

Ultimately, the LIS incorporates a condition reporting process which meets Public Health requirements.



The LIS and Public Health
Public Health
  1. There may be multiple messages tied to the same laboratory test order, based on the multiple result statuses (e.g., time series, etc.)
  2. The LIS may require confirmation of message receipt
  3. There may be hidden actors, such as HISPs, between the Source and Destination

Data Exchanged

The transmitted data in this case can and will vary

  1. Some laboratories are transmitting and HL7 message, usually version 2.3, 2.3.1,2.3.Z.
  2. CSTE has identified a goal of getting all states up to the point where they can receive at least version 2.5.

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