Patient arrives in doctor's office, critical information missing

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State: Draft


Perspective: Any provider

Context: Patient arrives in providers office, but doesn't know why they are there, or what her medications are, or results of recent critical test. Could be primary care or referral. The office that requested the appointment or performed the test is closed, or the patient is not really sure who it was.

Story: This happens several times every day in every provider office. Patient sees three or more providers in different practices, fills prescriptions at multiple pharmacies. Now has a symptom that could be a side effect or interaction of medications, or a new problem. Without information from the other practices and knowing what medications she's actually taking, treating her is risky at best. This is essentially a less critical version of Patient arrives in Emergency Department.


Same as Patient arrives in Emergency Department


Same as Patient arrives in Emergency Department, except substitute "Providers' office" for "hospital ER".


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This is a 'Must have' case.