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Sponsor(s)/Contact(s): Andy Heeren, Cerner Corporation


*Likely will expand based on Participant capabilities and agreement. Stay tuned for further announcements.


  • The basic premise and goal of this Pilot is simple:
    • Target replacement of clinical data exchange scenarios today, which are primarily conducted via fax or phone call.

  • The Pilot will provide initial focus on the following scenario:
    • Report Distribution
      • Today, Heartland Regional Medical Center utilizes Cerner Millennium to generate reports (discharge summaries, lab results, etc.) bound for community entities leveraging fax technology. This pilot will demonstrate how utilizing secure email is a superior mode of transportation for these traditional fax communications.

  • The endpoints involved with the above scenarios will have a varied set of HIT tools (from web access with email, modular EHR components to fully functional EHRs).
    • These endpoints have agreed for purposes of the Pilot to utilize a standalone web-based inbox developed by Cerner Corporation.
    • The .pdf document payload is generated from Cerner Millennium and will be incorporated manually into the recipient's native workflow.
    • Summary of anticipated types of endpoints served during the Pilot:
      • Acute Care
      • Long Term Care
      • Family Practice Primary Care Physician
      • Specialist
      • 3rd Party Billing


  • Acute Care; Heartland Regional Medical Center (others pending)
  • HIE; Lewis And Clark Information Exchange (LACIE) (others pending)
  • HISP(s): Cerner Direct
  • Ambulatory/Specialty; Living Community of St. Joseph, Various
  • Payor; Various

Heartland Health (www.heartland-health.com) is an integrated health delivery system, which includes Heartland Regional Medical Center, Heartland Clinic, Heartland Foundation and Community Health Improvement Solutions. Heartland Health has become the leader in health care within a 21-county area of northwest Missouri, northeast Kansas and southeast Nebraska. Heartland Health is very proud recipient of the 2009 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

Lewis And Clark Information Exchange (LACIE, www.lacie-hie.com) is one of the first fully operational, multiple-state HIE’s in the country, providing patient information to prominent healthcare system and providers in the Midwest. Their mission is to improve the overall health and economic status of our region through facilitation of data sharing across the community; delivering common capability that citizens, providers and institutions are able to use.

Success Metrics

  • Success is Heartland Regional Medical Center, and up to 5 varied external entities involved in the TPO process, exchanging clinical information using Direct Project standards.
  • Completion of a subjective survey to determine likelihood of feasibility of leveraging Direct standards for current and future communications surrounding care coordination.
  • Determine a scalable on boarding model for organizations joining the HISP.

Other Notes
This pilot is leveraging real patient data in a production environment hosted in Cerner’s world-class data centers.

Status: As of February 25, 2011 Heartland Regional Medical Center is sending production clinical information to Living Community of St. Joseph (long term care facility) as described above.