Pilot Project Brief - Gorge Health Connect

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Grant Funding: HRSA Network Planning Grant

Sponsor/Contact: Brian Ahier

1) To exchange care summaries and discharge instructions between unaffiliated providers amongst participants and members of Gorge Health Connect.
2) To exchange care summaries and discharge instructions to support transitions of care.
3) To provide clinical message exchange using Direct between providers on disparate technology platforms.
4) To provide clinical message exchange using Direct to providers not using electronic medical records systems.

Initial scope of the pilot is to provide a mechanism for organizations and providers within the Gorge Health Connect community to exchange clinical information using Direct project specifications. Later phases of the pilot will include organizations external to Gorge Health Connect but that exchange clinical information via referrals or visiting providers affiliated with other organizations. These organizations include Indian Health Services on the Warm Springs Reservation, OHSU visiting providers, and the Veterans' Home in The Dalles.

Gorge Health Connect
La Clinica del Carino
Providence Hood River
Mid-Columbia Center for Living
Mid-Columbia Medical Center

Success Metrics:
All providers and organizations that wish to participate in the pilot can successfully send and receive Direct messages within the HISP. Follow-on phases of the pilot will include sending messages to a patient-focused HISP (e.g. Microsoft HealthVault) and to an external HISP.

Resources Utilized During Pilot:
Medicity's Direct Messaging and HISP solution via iNexx is being used to transmit and receive Direct messages. While the focus of the pilot is on care summaries and discharge instructions, the service will transmit any type and format of document. Providers who have EHRs, as well as those who do not, are able to participate in the pilot. Medicity will provide the digital certificates and provider directories for this pilot.