Provider sends a clinical summary of an office visit to the patient

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Perspective: A primary care provider (PCP) who wishes to provide a clinical summary of an office visit.

Context: The PCP has validated the patient's identity and has the patient's Health Internet Address. The PCP has determined that it is legally and clinically appropriate to release PHI.

Story: The PCP creates a message to the patient describing the visit. The message includes the summary of care record containing pertinent health information about the patient as updated at the conclusion of the visit. The PCP sends the message to the address provided by the patient.

The patient verifies that she owns the address, authenticates, and views her updated health information.



Source address
Destination address
PHR/Personal Health Information Management System

Hidden actors may include the HSP for the PCP (the PHR system will often combine HSP and Destination functionality).

Data Exchanged (This section is non-normative)

The transmitted data can and will vary, but will generally include the following:

  1. A textual description of what is being transmitted, giving context to the patient
  2. A summary of care record (e.g., a CCD or CCR document) or other structured health information (e.g., laboratory results in a CDA, CCR, or HL7 V2 wrapper)

User Acceptance Tests