Reference Implementation Meeting 2010-11-09

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Status of Notes: DRAFT
Date: November 2, 2010
Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT
Roll Call: Mark Bamberg, Brian Behlendorf, Ron Cordell, Michael Firriolo, Beau Grantham, Chaminda Gunaratne, Andy Heeren, Tim Jeffcoat, Sri Koka, Umesh Madan, Greg Meyer, Rob Wilmot, Pat Pyette, Hafaz, Vassil, mednet

Actions From Last Week

Due Date
Prepare for virtual sprint to on-board new coders and plug them into projects
Arien Malec, Brian Behlendorf, Beau Grantham
Prepare a "hit-list" for bite-sized tasks for other developers to taken on
Umesh Madan
Review Container proposals from John Theisen & Chris Lomonico
Umesh Madan
Take on the improvements for the CERT Resolver
Chris Lomonico
Assemble a proposal to address the IHE v. HL7 audit considerations
Pat Pyette
Hold Greg Meyer's suggested off-line discussion around documentation for the Config
Greg Meyer, Pat Pyette, Tim Houlding
Develop a Road to Code Complete for the CSharp Reference Implementation
Umesh Madan
Prepare CSharp/Java plans for completing their 1.0 releases and next steps
Umesh Madan, Beau Grantham, Greg Meyer, Arien Malec


  1. Java Update
  2. CSharp Update
  3. Open Discussion

Beau: spent last meeting going over the readiness for 1.0, good shape for gateway, great documentation, need more docs for certgeneration and the like. Updated install scripts. Now using Tomcat rather than Jetty, sparked by the XD war which had problems on Jetty. Tomcat also has a smaller footprint. Bare metal instructions have been updated, now have a page for source and HISP install. More work on DNS responder.

Greg: DNS server for CERT and NS records, replicating what .Net team has done, responding to TCP and working on UDP. Able to reuse a lot of libraries from DNSJava. May use configuration service, may need to add a table. Needs to decide if we want to hold off on a 1.0 for better configuration. We got a snapshot of the bare metal last week.

Beau: One TO-DO in the HISP instructions, need to be clearer about how to get code. Continuing with the install scripts, simplify tasks. Are a couple of things left before 1.0. Updated "Road to Java Code Complete" to reflect this. Some relate to the XD code - need to make sure it matches up to the spec on the wiki. Just need to get it updated. Need support for additional document types; today only support CCA and CCDs, need to support PDF and other arbitrary ones. One remaining big bug, XD war doesn't seem to be importable, hard-coded WSDL path. Vince should be able to start today on this. We need to define a "matcher" for James to use XD and security agent in the same instance. One piece remaining on the config to add security to the web config.

Pat: I should be done with that by today or tomorrow. Also, we need to support a Web Services client edge, it takes a SOAP message with email and attachments and turns them into mail system.

Beau: pushing for end of this week for a 1.0 release, provided we can get help with the XD stuff.

C# Update

Umesh: quick summary: also have target code-complete of end of this week. New page to track goals to code-complete. Links on that page to the issues list. The primary thing is to go to the source repository and pull down a MSI (install package) that will install and config the service for you. We will push up a new MSI and keep around the last couple known good builds, and build zips and other things. Also, the full gateway, auditing, logging, entire config system, store,service, command-line UI, admin UI. Chris checked in a fully working DNS service, hooks up to service back-end. Still need to do stress-test and stabilization. Added some debugging tools, can you find cert for, launch agent from the command line, that list is on the wiki. Lastly, another major effort in place, Sri setting up some bare-metal VMs, so we'll have C# bare metal. Finally, yours truly has been busy on HealthVault interoperability. Last comment, we've decided that the XDR configuration is a "nice to have", but not necessarily going code-complete for that. Plan is to go into stabilization / stress testing. Code can only do so much.

Sri: I've been working on the bare metal project.

Umesh: We now have Greg's idea for multiservers supported too.

Vassil: Need to talk to George to work on XD. Tomorrow scrum call to review where we are.

Brian: Should 1.0 be equal on both platforms?

Umesh: we're not cutting support, we're just trying to be incremental. An issue of people's resources and time. The code that is ready lets you set up a full HISP. Their work should just be a few weeks out.

Vassil: I think we should try to get this possible in 1.0.


Mark: no opinion
Michael: no opinion.
Beau: mixed opinions. Agree that 1.0 releases should be equivalent.
Chamindra: no opinion
Greg (speaking for Cerner): Do we look at it as a 1.0 release of each component? What's the meaning of 1.0? We should take a profile approach, consider releasing individual pieces under different numbers.
Pat: I tend to agree that a 1.0 release should contain same components in both versions. Maybe way around it is a "core1.0" and then we have different components around that, for example XD could have its own 1.0 release. Same thing with edge protocols.
Sri: agree that components should be the same. How about using alpha and beta names?
Umesh: How about using Milestone 1, which isn't code-complete, but M2 would be XD code-complete, M3 testing phase, etc.
Vassil: Agree that 1.0 release should have all code, and should involve testing by people not already a part of the project.

(couldn't make it out): I like the beta designation.

Brian: volunteer for strawman for M1, M2, etc designations?
Umesh: we did that for C#
Brian: can we make it independent of the platform?
Umesh: yep
Beau: can you describe what's in the packaging in each milestone?
Umesh: right now it's just one download.
Beau: great,we're in alignment.
Umesh: let's get together a call, Beau, Me, Greg, and Vassil to talk about milestones. I think we have a pretty clear notion. Just need a sense of timelines.
Brian: anyone else we'd want to rope in for this representing the pilots?

Umesh: we've had a few changes whacked out on Mercurial, please be more careful!