Reference Implementation Meeting 2011-03-22

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Reference Implementation Workgroup Call

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
12:00 PM ET

Beau -
Reminder to fill out the attendance form on the Wiki.

Could we have a .NET status update please?

Ali -
3 things of note:

  1. We've been writing documents to improve new user setup experience are on the wiki. Good feedback so far.
  2. Caching changes for anchors and certificates are checked in.
  3. Plugable routes - this is plugging into the SMTP gateway so that once the message is processed and you're good to go you can plug in your code and do with the messages as you will. Vassil and the XD team has picked that up and they're looking at integrating using that.

Beau -
I haven't been able to attend the .NET scrums. There are a couple issues on the Google tracker out there for you guys to look over.

Umesh -
It looks like the issues are in the XD stuff. There's a Java one with the DNS server.

Beau -
Greg has been active with fixing bugs. He'll update us toward the end. Do we have any XD guys on the line?

Vince -
I'm working on the issues as we speak. I'm not planning on stopping until I'm done. It's pretty straight forward with the .pdf. I think we already basically resolved the issue with the CCD. Hopefully I can close that out by the end of the day today. That closes what I have been working on, but if you need me to help out with anything specific let me know.

Beau -
Sounds like we're still in good shape and we might have something good to go in a week or so.

Ali -
Last scrum Vassil had started looking at the pluggable route code...

Umesh -
In a sense it's really up to Vassil and company in terms of how fast we can move on this. Ali and I have done what we can.

Greg -
On the Java side I've been hitting a couple of bugs. One big one is around auditing and around MBN (?) I know there is a bug listed out there about the message disposition part of the MDN message is incorrect. I validated that. Basically that whole notification class has gone through a complete rewrite. I'm using some different methods and even some helper classes. Unfortunately because the gateway was using the header information, was treating all of those fields as headers in the notification part to do auditing, I did create another helper class to help parse that out. So the auditing of the MDN's has changed a little bit as well in terms of implementation. Functionally it's the same. Also, the eventName and eventType are in reverse order. So those have been reversed. There is also a constant for all of the names and types now so they're not free text anymore. There is a class in gateway1.2.1. The agent has a fixed version out as well and all of that got checked in this morning. Also, there is the PKCS 38 (?) tool somebody has posted. There is a null pointer exception so that's been fixed as well. Most of the major issues non-XD related have been checked in. The next release the versions of all of the components are fixed version. We'll come out with fix level versions next week.

Beau -
Sounds like we're still making a lot of progress.

One other thing: Brian from Booz Allen fixed a few bug fixes with the config UI. You're now able to delete domains properly, and there is another with an error message when you update invalid certificates.

Talk to everybody next week.