Transaction sender receives delivery receipt

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State: Draft


Perspective: A Source and the associated Source Addresssee

Context: A transaction sender ("Source") understands that a delivery receipt may arrive from a Source Addressee for a previously sent transaction

Story: A Source has sent a transaction and wishes to know its delivery status (see the laboratory user story for a motivating case). The Source checks the previously sent transaction status and determines that it is still in New status (so that it can alert the sender that the transaction has not been received). Subsequently, the Source checks the previously sent status and determines that it has been Rejected by the Destination. After the error has been corrected (through out-of-band communication between personnel at the Source and Destination), a new transaction is sent, and the Destination updates the status to Accepted. The Source receives the Accepted status and acts accordingly.



Source and Destination endpoints
EHR or other electronic data service
EHR or other electronic data service

There may be implied actors in this story (e.g., one or more HSPs in the middle).

Related Stories

Data Exchanged

Message status (New, Accepted, Rejected) with possible further status details.

  1. The typical case will involve a delivery status message spawned by an addressee in response to an original message originated by a sender
  2. A less typical case may involve a query by the sender ("Source") for message delivery status

User Acceptance Tests