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Owners & Editors

XDR and XDM for Direct Messaging
(aka XD* for Direct)

Specifies a version of XDR separating addressing metadata from the XDS metadata, and allowing for use of minimal metadata, including non-patient related payloads
Being edited, based in Imp WG Review
HISP Developers, EHR Developers, SDOs, Testers
Owners: Arien driving meetings;
Editors: John M, David Tao, others
1/12: Arien and Karen to revise based on imp group feedback. Needs security section to be filled out too (Threat assessment is done, but summary needs to be brought over.)

Deployment Models

Describe the various deployment models
Being edited
Decision Makers in Participating Organizations, Business Vendors, SDOs, Policy Makers, The Public, The End User, The Media
Owners: John M
Editors: David Tao, Noam, Janet, Andy, Karen
1/12: John looked at the changes, but didn't end up changing a lot of them. Whether we should show XDR end-to-end is a question that we can't answer until we decide what it means to be Direct Project compliant.

Secure Health Transport

Specification for interoperable use of RFC 5322, SMTP, S/MIME to transport secure PHI
Being edited based on D&T review
HISP Developers, EHR Developers (for end-to-end uses), Security Team, Testers, SDOs
Editors: John M
Style editor: Janet
1/12/2011: Arien to revise tomorrow, with Karen.

Testing Guides

Inclusive of artifacts gathered from other teams (Security & Trust, Reference Implementation, etc.) but also derivative after components are sufficiently developed to align for testing services. High-level test cases and flows.
Draft, undergoing baptism by fire

Owners:Michelle Smith
Contributors: See Beau, RIQI
1/12/2011: Make the ref imp group go through all the tests, then consense (?)
Do we need to do something more formal and consensed? Something that we could use for "pass/fail." And even better, automated testing.

Direct Project Compliance

Description of what it means to be "Direct Project Compliant"
General edits
Business Vendors, SDOs, The Public, The Consumer, The Media
Owner: Janet, Arien
1/12/2011: Getting comments

API Documentation
Java API Documents
C# API Documents

Documentation for code libraries
Developers, Security Team, Testers
Owners: Arien
10/13/2010: It's ongoing

SMTP, SMIME and CERT Implementation Guide

Covers end-to-end development and configuration of a HISP, including use of an S/MIME agent implementation, DNS and trust anchors to enable use of the S/MIME Security Agent
Developers, Implementors, Testers, Security Team
Editors: John M
9/29/2010 May be a hand off to the best practices workgroup or folded into other documents

E-mail Client Configuration Guide

Covers configuration and use of a standard e-mail client to connect to a HISP - these are things you need to do.
Implementors, Security Team, Testers
11/17/2010: Done. (Remind implementation geographies)

SMTP Client Developer's Guide

Covers configuration and use of an SMTP-based HISP from a client development perspective, including use of reference implementation libraries

EHR Developers
Owners:Tony, Claudio
11/17/2010: Will probably need to draw together from stuff coming out of reference implementation group.

XDD Developers Guide

Covers development of an XDD client, including use of reference implementation libraries
HISP, EHR Developers
Owners:Janet (abstract only)
XDD - How to do it
How can you take an existing XDR/XDS implementation and make it work? Pull together existing XDR literature into one place, cast it in NHIN-D terms

Owners: Karen, David
Editors: Janet
9/29/2010: It's on the XDD Specification, called "XD* Conversion Specification for Direct". This doesn't need to be a separate document after all.

NHIN Direct Overview

General overview of NHIN Direct, including what it means for end users, HIEs, and policy makers
Decision Makers in Participating Organizations, Business Vendors, SDOs, Policy Makers, The Public, The End User, The Media
Owners: Dragon, David Tao, Rich Elmore, Will Ross
Editors: Noam Arzt, Janet Campbell, John M
10/13/2010: Done! Get bloggy. Give 'em a taste.

Policy Questions for Implementations

A list of policy questions that the NHIN Direct architecture does not address
Decision Makers in Participating Organizations, Policy Makers
Owners: Janet C
Editors: John M, David Tao, Parag More
11/17/2010: Essentially done, wait on it for now.

NHIN Direct Security Overview

A layman's explanation of trust circles and trust anchors, and how they can ensure security in NHIN Direct communications
Decision Makers in Participating Organizations, Policy Makers, The Public, The End User, The Media
Owners: Will, Dragon
Editors: John M
11/17/2010: Ready for consensus again maybe? Arien to check with S&T to make sure.

Implementation FAQ

For those beginning to participate in pilot implementations, a list of commonly asked questions and their answers

Decision Makers in Participating Organizations, HISP Developers, EHR Developers
Owners: Will, Dragon
Editors: John M
11/17/2010: Combine these FAQs! Janet to do by next Tuesday.

Direct Project Programmer's Guide

I'm a programmer. Where do I start? How does it all fit together? Where can I go for further reading, and do I want to use a reference implementation or create my own?

EHR Developers, HISP Developers
Owners: Andy, Dragon
10/13/2010: First draft done - outline. Initial review by volunteers 10/20.
11/17/2010: Need to add to from reference implementation


Form a unified glossary of terms

Owners: Caitlin
11/17/2010: Done

DNS Configuration Guide

Documents how to configure DNS to enable Direct exchange. Publishing certificates can either been pushed to the HISP, or you manage your own DNS - what are your options.

HISP Developers/Adminstrators, IT staff in Participating Organization
Owners: Brian Behlendorf, Arien Malec
No owner yet

Further prioritization details can be found here.

If you have any questions that need answered, please consider submitting your questions at Direct Project FAQ Submission Page for answers.