Implementation Geographies Participation Guidelines - Check List

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Implementation Geographies Participation Guidelines / Check List (DRAFT)

Guidelines for inclusion as “Direct Project Implementation Geographies Pilot” site:
  1. Must demonstrate health information exchange (defined as one or more Direct Project user stories) using Direct Project compliant standards, services, and policies
  2. Should include diverse set of providers and stakeholders, ideally (strongly preferred to be) on disparate technology platforms (from more than one source, e.g., vendor, home-grown, etc.)
  3. Should include small (<5 doctors) practices
  4. Should include provider(s) serving either rural and/or underserved populations
  5. Should include provider to HIE exchange
  6. Should include support for provider-to-patient exchange
  7. Could include cross-state information exchange

Guidelines for operating “Direct Project Implementation Geographies Pilot” site:

  1. Must complete and maintain information template, including a description of the region / metropolitan service area (MSA), list of all participating providers and other stakeholders, relevant demographic data / statistics, and documentation of referral patterns / data flows (as defined in related sections of the Implementation Operational Plan).
  2. Must name one or more individual(s) as the ‘project leader’ (who will represent the geography on all workgroup calls).
  3. Must use Direct Project wiki and communication tools to document status and operations of project (intent is to ensure openness and knowledge transfer), as well as tracking of ‘success criteria’ (as defined in related sections of Implementation Operational Plan).
  4. Must participate in weekly Direct Project Implementation Geographies Workgroup calls and provide regaular status updates. Note: the workgroup has agreed that pilots must provide status updates at least once every two weeks. Failure to provide updates on either the workgroup calls, workgroup-related wiki pages, or directly to with Workgroup Lead (Paul Tuten) will result in a pilot's removal from the official list of Direct Project Implementation Geographies and associated tracking/reporting/monitoring.
  5. Must conform to Direct Project Implementation Geographies timeline (as documented below).

Timeline for "Direct Project Implementation Geographies Pilot" participation:

  1. Identify pilots by <insert> date (mid-June?).
  2. Provide interim status reports (weekly?)
  3. Implement pilots by <insert> date (August 1?)
  4. Provide interim status reports (every other week?)
  5. Report results / lessons learned by <insert> date (October 1?)

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