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An examination of the vendor as audience for Direct Project communications. Specifically, this profile is focused on vendors who already offer electronic health records to providers, and/or vendors who offer personal health record products to consumers. Our communications to vendors should focus on these basic core principles.


What will it take to implement Direct Project protocols in an existing commercial product?

  • Direct Project workflow requirements that have been delegated to the EHR
  • Technologies where supporting code libraries have been developed (.NET and Java)
  • Ways to utilize existing product capability (e.g., many EHRs support XDS, some EHRs support e-mail communication. What can be reused within Direct Project communications?)
  • Pointers to more specific technical documentation.


Why should vendors support Direct Project protocols in their products?

  • Anticipated Direct Project usage, segmented by high-level target markets. How these users will benefit if vendors provide Direct Project solutions.
  • Highlights of pilots and participants
  • How the Direct Project can help vendors' users meet meaningful use requirements and their products attain meaningful use certification
  • Exploration of sustainability (both technically - e.g., IHE - and governmentally)
  • Suggestions for measuring success

Call to Action

Having established the landscape of the Direct Project', how can we encourage vendors to get involved?

  • Implementation in products
  • Participation in pilots
  • Suggestions for vendors' communications with their clients


How should these points be communicated?

  • Focus on benefit
  • Potentially address vendor-raised concerns regarding use of chosen protocols
  • Medium: Direct to vendors? Direct to EHRA? Other means?