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Be part of the ecosystem announcement from the Direct Project. Please let the Communications Workgroup know of existing and planned services and solutions that are leveraging the Direct Project. Contact Rich Elmore for more on this announcement.


On March 21 there is an NHIN University Direct Project event (National eHealth Collaborative). Tied in with the NHIN University and the March HIT Standards Committee meeting, the Communications Workgroup will have an announcement around the Direct Project specifications and compliance. Contact Janet Campbell if you want to participate.

Attendance Tracker for Workgroup meetings

In order to streamline attendance tracking for each workgroup, there is a new form at the bottom of each workgroup page that participants should use to "sign in" at the start of each workgroup call. If you are not at a computer during the call, the workgroup lead will ask that you state your name and organization at the start of the call to be sure your attendance is recorded. Click here to access the form for the Communications workgroup ONLY. For other workgroups' attendance forms, see the link on the respective landing pages.

Purpose and Goals

The goal of the Communication workgroup is to provide clarity about what the Direct Project is and how it fits into the health information and transformation ecosystem. Key audiences include State HIEs, RECs, HIOs, health systems, providers, and the larger general health community and media. Foundational work on the Direct Project Overview has been developed by the Documentation and Testing Workgroup. The workgroup will develop:

  • Materials tailored for communication to each audience (press release, presentations, multi-media)
  • Outreach / communication plan
  • Plan execution

All messaging and materials are developed by individuals participating in the Direct Project and do NOT necessarily represent the views of ONC.

Deliverables Up for Consensus

Consensus Approved Deliverables

The Rebranding initiative is now over. The project's name will be the Direct Project.
Direct Project Overview Presentation is under review by the Implementation Group.

Work in Progress
Communication Priorities
Communications Events
HIT Vendor Self-Attestation
Pilot Projects Vignettes
Best Practice and Reference Implementation Vignettes
ONC Website Modifications


We meet via phone from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. EST on alternating Tuesdays.
  • Upcoming Meeting Dates:
    • May 3
    • May 17
    • May 31
    • June 14
    • June 28
    • July 12
    • July 26


Lead: Rich Elmore
Rich Elmore
Amber Broadwater
Dynamik Care
Didi Davis
Serendipity Health
David Kibbe
Clinical Groupware Collaborative and AAFP
Janet Campbell
Joel Ryba
Health Information Xchange New York
Karen Donovan
Susan Leonelli
Brian Ahier
Oregon HIE Planning Team
M Darnell
Secure Exchange Solutions
Jason Siegel
Atlas Development Corp.
John Blair
Noam Arzt
HLN Consulting, LLC
Bruce Schreiber
Jon Meyer

Meeting Notes / Agenda

Communications Meeting 2010-08-10
Communications Meeting 2010-08-17 (Face-to-Face)Communications Meeting 2010-08-24Communications Meeting 2010-08-31Communications Meeting 2010-09-07Communications Meeting 2010-09-21Communications Meeting 2010-09-28Communications Meeting 2010-10-05Communications Meeting 2010-10-12Communications Meeting 2010-10-19Communications Meeting 2010-10-26Vignettes Meeting 2010-11-02Communications Meeting 2010-11-09Communications Meeting 2010-11-16Communications Meeting 2010-11-23Communications Meeting 2010-11-30Communications Meeting 2010-12-14Communications Meeting 2011-01-04Communications Meeting 2011-01-11Communications Meeting 2011-01-18Communications Meeting 2011-01-25Communications Meeting 2011-02-01Communications Meeting 2011-02-08Communications Meeting 2011-02-15Communications Meeting 2011-03-08Communications Meeting 2011-03-15Communications Meeting 2011-03-22Communications Meeting 2011-04-05
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What We’re Part Of

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