Implementation Group Meeting 2010-05-25

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Presentation: NHIN IG 05252010.pdf

Notes from the NHIN Direct Implementation Group

Date: May 25, 2010
Time: 3pm-4pm
: Allscripts, Anacam, CareSpark, Cerner, CGI Federal, Clinical Groupware Collaborative, Community Choice PHCO, CSC, eClinicalWorks, Epic, GE, Google, Greenway Medical Technologies, Harris Corporation, High Pine Associates, IBM, Inpriva, Inc.,Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative, MedAllies, Medicity, Medcommons, MedNet, Microsoft, Misys Open Source Solutions, MITA, Mobile MD, NIH NCI, Redwood MedNet, RelayHealth, Rhode Island Quality Institute, Siemens, Sujansky Associates, SureScripts, VA, VisionShare, VLER
Actions from this week

Due Date
Provide feedback on draft Concrete Implementation capability worksheets
Implementation Group

Actions from last week

Due Date

Brian Behlendorf will update the Trust Model Options Page ( include his proposal

Brian Behlendorf


  • Goal for June Face-to-Face meeting is to close out the specifications and service descriptions so that we can build the specifications into products, test these products, and prove out the model
  • Between the June 10th and July 27th meeting, we will need to work through testing, self-certification, and RI documentation

User Story Review WG
· To date WG has:

    • Developed and reached consensus about a set of Use Stories broken down by priority (1, 2 & 3) presented at the May 6th meeting

· Last week, the WG set action items to:

    • Add formalized user stories that speak to the overlap between NHIN Direct and NHIN Exchange
  • The WG did not meet this week

Content Packaging WG

  • To date WG has:
    • Created a draft proposal

    • Continued conversation about Content Container Specification
  • Last week, the WG:
    • Much of the work around content packaging has moved to the concrete implementations
    • John Moerkhe provided definitions for metadata

Security & Trust WG

  • To date WG has:

o Created a Basic Trust Model, Keys for Consensus:

  • This week, the WG plans to:
    • Finalize Basic Trust Model Keys for Consensus
    • Received relatively good support from the WG on Keys for Consensus, some clarifications needed
    • Vote on finalized Keys for Consensus during Thursday’s S&T meeting

Question from Galen Mulrooney

  • HL7 has been working on Privacy and Security related services under the banner of PASS (Privacy, Access, and Security Services), with much participation from federal agencies. Is NHIN Direct planning to leverage this at all?
  • Arien to review HL7 Privacy and Security services effort to determine relevance to NHIN Direct
  • John Moerkhe has been involved in the HL7 effort, can help bridge effort with NHIN Direct

Comprehensive HIE Interoperability WG

  • To date WG has:
    • Created an mapping of the Abstract Model to IHE/NHIN transactions:

    • Articulated illustrative comprehensive HIE scenarios
  • Last week, the WG:
    • Completed Comprehensive HIE scenarios
    • Documented two potential use cases:
      • Exchange between an HIE participant and a stand-alone entity outside the HIE
      • Exchange between a participant in one HIE and a participant in another

Individual Involvement

  • To date WG has:
    • Provided guidance to other workgroups around individual involvement
      • User Stories
      • Content Packing
      • Patient to Provider Considerations:

  • Last week, the WG:
    • Reviewed “Patient to Provider” messages with Deven McGraw of the HIT Policy Committee
    • Targeted further engagement on “Patient to Provider” messages in the fall, based on draft proposed 2013 MU requirements

Addressing WG

  • To date WG has:
    • Proposed & reached consensus on the Addressing Specification:

  • Update:
    • Decision to suspend Addressing & Directories workgroup until after June 11th
    • May be reactivated due to the comment period for IHE addressing specification is only one month

Abstract Model WG

  • To date WG has:
    • Proposed & reached consensus on the NHIN Direct Project Abstract Model

  • Group is on hiatus

Concrete Implementation WG

o Gave feedback on the Implementation Capability Worksheet
o Set goal to publish draft worksheets by 5/25

      • Implementation Group to provide feedback on draft Concrete Implementation capability worksheets

o Plan to review final worksheets on June 8th and boil down to one recommended path
o Specifications for June 10th will not be production-ready IETF specs, but will give basis to go forward
o Proposal to invite well-recognized HIT experts to provide external feedback on each implementation proposal

  • We will likely have four strong choices for consideration
  • REST Update
    • There are three REST implementations under development
      • Each of these has a different security model
    • Mutually authenticated (via TLS) HISP-to-HISP transactions are in place and tested across two HISPs using an OpenSSL-based NHIN Test CA and generated certs
    • Message status is now tunneling from Destination HISP back to Source HISP
    • Getting close to having an Apache James-based SMTP (and POP3) edge protocol bridge to the REST backbone protocol
    • Finished 95% of a first draft at the REST Implementation Capabilities Worksheet. More refinement and detail is needed.
    • Still working out the appropriate security model between the Java and Ruby implementations
  • SMTP Update
    • Have both Windows-based and Java implementations
    • Siemens has joined the SMTP team
  • IHE/SOAP Update
    • Setting up four use cases to show how IHE protocols can be used for NHIN Direct
    • Looking at different edge protocols and fleshing out interoperability issues between these
    • Created a lessons learned page which contains discussion around issues encountered
  • XMPP Update
    • Updated Status:
      • Updated the Capability Worksheet Draft
      • Incorporated MIME as a message format
      • Verified TLS encryption between servers and clients
      • Explored XMPP-based demonstration opportunities
    • Ongoing Tasks:
      • Work on HISP to HISP TLS encryption
      • Add Message Signing and Encryption capability using NHIN-D Java Agent
      • Work on Interoperability with NHIN Exchange
      • Resolve code check-in issues

Implementation Geographies

  • To date WG has:

o Early list of potential geographies:
o Early list of operational considerations
o Proposed Workgroup Operating Model

Documentation (New Workgroup)

  • Call for participants for the new Documentation workgroup
    • Volunteers should submit their interest to [[2]]
  • Mission for the Documentation WG: Shepherd key documents that we have been identified thus far, along with any additional documents identified going forward, including:
    • Core specifications and service descriptions
    • Implementation guides
    • Documents for reference implementations
    • ONC-driven, model-based documentation
  • WG will define standards for NHIN Direct docs and provide program management support, though it will not necessarily provide content

  • Testing WG will be spun up once another group goes on hiatus
    • Critical to ensure that the specifications are testable

Question from David Yakimischak

  • Will the Documentation WG be developing content?
    • Arien – The Documentation WG will likely define requirements and do project management for documents
    • However, the WG can define its charter anyway it wants to