Implementation Group Meeting 2010-06-01

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Presentation: NHIN IG 06012010.pdf

Notes from the NHIN Direct Implementation Group

Date: June 1, 2010
Time: 3pm-4pm
: Allscripts, American Academy of Family Physicians, Argonne National Laboratory, CareSpark, Cerner, Clinical Groupware Collaborative, eClinicalWorks, Emdeon, Epic,, Gartner, GE, Google, Harris Corporation, High Pine Associates, HLN Consulting, IBM, Inpriva, Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative, Medallies, Medicity, MedNet, MedPlus, Inc./Quest Diagnostics, Microsoft, Mirth Corporation, MOSS, MITA, NIH NCI,Oregon's Strategic Workgroup for the HIT Oversight Council, Redwood MedNet, Rhode Island Quality Institute, Secure Exchange Solutions, Siemens, Social Security Administration, SureScripts, Techsant Technologies, VA, VisionShare, VLER, ONC

Actions from this week

Actions from last week

Due Date
Provide feedback on draft Concrete Implementation capability worksheets
Implementation Group

Workgroup Updates:

Security & Trust WG

  • To date WG has:
    • Created a Basic Trust Model, Keys for Consensus:

  • The WG is currently working on:
    • Finalizing and voting on the Basic Trust Model Keys for Consensus
  • WG is at 95% consensus on version 3 of the Keys for Consensus and content is near final
  • Content should be finalized in time for the face-to-face meeting

Concrete Implementation WG

  • To date WG has created four implementation groups
  • Timeline for review and discussion of concrete implementations :
    • Provide HITSC reviewers with concrete implementation review packages on June 2nd
      • Arien to create these packages
    • HITSC review of concrete implementations on June 7th and 9th
    • Detailed WG review of concrete implementations on June 8th
    • Implementation Group review of concrete implementations on June 10th
    • Drive for Implementation Group consensus on June 11th
  • REST Update
    • Bill Becker checked in Apache James-based SMTP edge protocol support that bridges to the REST-based backbone
    • Chris Moyer is almost done with an S/MIME security model implementation based on nhin-d-jagent
    • The REST capabilities worksheet was updated to reflect the current state of the project
  • SMTP Update
    • Currently running messages from Windows live mail and outlook
    • Soon will have end-end cross exchange with Cerner
  • IHE/SOAP Update
    • Capability worksheet to be completed tonight
    • Currently testing end-end scenarios
    • Four cases of working code for demonstration
  • XMPP Update
    • Completed Tasks:
      • Completed draft version of the XMPP Capabilities worksheet
      • Successfully accomplished Server to Server TLS for message transmission
      • Found a potential COTS product issue and updated product forum to file a bug request
    • Ongoing Tasks:
      • Incorporate NHINDAgent for Java into XMPP implementation to sign and encrypt messages
      • Start XMPP NHIN Direct to NHIN Exchange interoperability prototype

Implementation Geographies

  • To date, the WG has:

Early list of potential geographies:
Early list of operational considerations
Implementation Geographies Participation Guidelines and Checklist

  • The WG is currently working on:

Discussing proposed participation timeline and guidelines
Discussing methods for forming/participating in pilots
Comprehensive HIE Interoperability WG

  • To date WG has:

Created an mapping of the Abstract Model to IHE/NHIN transactions:
Articulated illustrative comprehensive HIE scenarios

  • The WG is currently working on:

Providing clear definitions for comprehensive HIE
Discussing interoperability between different exchange patterns

  • Plan to present comprehensive HIE scenarios and any open issues at face-to-face meeting

Individual Involvement

  • To date WG has:
    • Completed work on Stage 1 (2011 MU) requirements
  • The WG is currently working on:
    • Reviewing the concrete implementation capability worksheets with respect to patient engagement
    • Monitoring & addressing any issues related to Stage 1
  • Plan to pick up Stage 2 (Individual to Provider messaging) in the fall

Addressing WG

  • To date WG has:
    • Proposed & reached consensus on the Addressing Specification:

  • Update:
    • Decision to un-suspend the Addressing & Directories workgroup in order to comment on the IHE Healthcare Provider Directory profile

User Story Review WG

  • To date WG has:
    • Developed and reached consensus about a set of Use Stories broken down by priority (1, 2 & 3) presented at the May 6th meeting

  • The WG is currently working on:
    • Adding formalized user stories that speak to the overlap between NHIN Direct and NHIN Exchange

Content Packaging WG

  • To date WG has:
    • Created a draft proposal

    • Continued conversation about Content Container Specification
  • The WG is currently working on:
    • Reviewing the concrete implementations’ application of the Content Container Specification
    • Discussing John Moehrke’s proposed metadata definitions

Abstract Model WG

  • To date WG has:
    • Proposed & reached consensus on the NHIN Direct Project Abstract Model

  • Group is on hiatus

Documentation (New Workgroup)

  • Currently there are only two WG members, additional interested participants are encouraged to email [[1]]
  • Critical WG to overall success of project


  • How many participants from each organization can attend the face-to-face meeting?
    • Only one from each organization for now
  • Where/when is the face-to-face meeting happening?
    • June 10th and 11th in Redmond, WA
  • Request for clarity around how the concrete implementation will be chosen
    • We’ll have the same consensus process as usual, with increased input (including external review by HITSC)
    • We’ll have four strong proposals
  • Will the face-to-face be business formal or business casual?
    • Business casual
  • What is the process for review by HITSC?
    • HITSC has dedicated a review team of 5 individuals who are not current active participants in NHIN Direct project
    • Arien will create a review package, including capability worksheets, working code, and specifications
    • Two meetings with the HITSC review team will be scheduled for June 7th and 9th with all teams present