Implementation Group Meeting 2010-10-26

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Notes from Implementation Group
Date: October 26, 2010
Time: 3:00 EST
Attendees: Alere, Allscripts, Axolotl, Cerner, Garden State Health Systems, Gartner, Harris Corporation, High Pine Associates , HLN Consulting, LLC, IBM, Kryptiq, MedAllies, MedPlus/Quest Diagnostics, Microsoft, Mirth Corporation, Misys Open Source Solutions (MOSS), Redwood MedNet, Rhode Island Quality Institute/Arcadia Solutions, South Carolina Information Exchange, VA


Actions for This Week

Due Date
Vote on the Direct Project Security Overview, by November 1st
IG members
If have a key need or goal you’d like addressed at the Face to Face meeting, please input it here: [1]
IG members
Please list any events you are aware of or any events you present on the Communications Events wiki page
IG members
If you are an HIE, EHR, PHR and if you’ve adopted or have plans to adopt Direct standards, you can add your name to the HIT Vendor Self-Attestation list
IG members

Actions from Last Week

Due Date

Contact Arien Malec if interested in posting on the Direct Project Blog on behalf of your WG

IG Members

E-mail [[2]] to attend the Direct Project October Face-to-Face Meeting

IG Members
Leave any unanswered questions in the FAQ drop-box page
IG Members
Look at the final draft of the Direct Project Overview document, provide comments
IG Members
Reach out to David McCallie & Brian Behlendorf for WG "Vignettes"(Best Practices and Reference Implementation)
Rich Elmore


  • Reminders
  • Announcements
  • Workgroup Updates
  • Calendar &Participation
  • Q&A
  • Recap

Arien Malec

  • October Face to Face Meeting
  • “Code-a-thon, integrate-a-thon, test-a-thon”
  • Host: CollabNet
  • When: October 27th(12pm –5pm PDT); October 28th(9am –5pm PDT)
  • Official start time is 12pm, but some people are showing up at 9am
  • Some activities later on Wednesday
  • Where: 8000 Marina Blvd, 6th floor, Brisbane, CA 94005-1865
  • Main purpose: for organizations deploying reference implementations, or organizations already implementing specs on their own platforms, to make sure that they
  • a) can all interoperate
  • b) can learn how to configure and deploy
  • c) run into any key lessons now, to address before main integration testing happens in November
  • Goals:
  • Finalize code
  • Create solid plan for pilot testing in November
  • Familiarize pilot technical leads and partners with reference implementation
  • If the Connect Codeathon serves as any indicator, we’ll learn a ton, including about stuff in developers’ heads that needs to get documented
  • We’ll also learn what key things you need to do to test interoperable instances.
  • Janet Campbell will try to capture these for a high-level test plan
  • All workgroup calls on Wednesday, Oct. 27th and Thursday, Oct. 28th are canceled due to the Code-a-thon

HIT Standard Committee

  • Arien Malec will be doing update to Standards Committee early tomorrow

The Direct Project Security Overview

  • The Direct Project Security Overview is now up for Implementation Group consensus vote
  • Purpose is to provide a lay understanding of how direct specs protect and manage security
  • Document, created through the Documentation and Testing WG, achieved Security & Trust WG consensus last week
  • To access the consensus page, click here:
  • Please input your feedback and vote by November 1st
  • If there are objections we will do another round of edits
  • Will be one of the published deliverables of project, so should meet goals of IG

Workgroup Updates

Reference Implementation WG
Arien Malec

  • Code base is growing rapidly
  • Changing name spaces and work on configuration, lots of additional work, ongoing cleanup
  • Update as of 10/26:
  • CSharp Implementation
  • Progress: Namespace Changes, Config/UI (Trust Model), Debugging
  • Remaining: XD*, Config/UI, Installer, Unit Testing, Documentation
  • Java Implementation
  • Completed: Intermediate CERT Validation and ATNA logging for XD
  • Progress: Config/UI, CERT Resolver, Unit Tests, Javadoc
  • Remaining: XD*, Config/UI, LDAP, Installer, Unit Testing, Java doc
  • October Code-a-thon/Install-a-thon Goals:
  • Configuring & integrating HISPs to test for interoperability over Internet
  • Discovering improvement areas in Direct standards/specifications
  • Testing a variety of messages across backbone to diverse edge clients
  • Validation of encryption/decryption/signing, & cert. management

Implementation Geographies WG
Uvinie Hettiaratchy

  • Updates from 10/20 Meeting:
  • Key progress on pilots:
  • Pilots continuing to plan next steps in preparation for pilot testing in November
  • MedAllies shared clinical and technical workflow documents:
  • Can leverage documents to avoid duplicative efforts
  • WG Consensus achieved for Certificate Pilot Recommendations
  • Decided to hold “Blue Button” breakout during October F2F
  • Engagement with the patient, led by Google, Microsoft
  • Discussion about blue button is scheduled for Thursday afternoon
  • Will finalize and put on wiki Face to Face Meeting page
  • May be able to call into session
  • If you’d like us to address a key need or goal during the F2F, please input it here: [3]

Arien Malec

  • Blue Button is a consumer empowerment workgroup
  • Goes by the mission that anyplace where a consumer can see his or her own data they should have a means of downloading it
  • Blue Button does branding around downloading the information
  • Interested in starting a discussion around a “light blue button” for Direct address

  • Each implementation geography has a different set of workflows, many are starting to come to terms now with how to do closed loop referrals using Direct specs as transfer
  • How to package lab data for distribution is a key issue
  • Starting to see work moving from transport level to content space, starting to profile content
  • All lessons learned through the implementation geographies are publicly distributed through the wiki, accessible to everyone
  • Really valuable outputs of early implementations
  • Will inform decisions made throughout standards and interoperability framework

Communications WG
Uvinie Hettiaratchy

  • Communications event –targeted for November 30 around completion of reference implementation
  • Standards Committee
  • Simultaneous blog, website, messaging for key stakeholders
  • Vignettes: Looking for volunteers for “vignettes” about the pilots, reference implementation and best practices: if able to help, reach out to Rich Elmore
  • Direct Project presentation achieved consensus within the Communications WG
  • Would be useful to use if you are talking about Direct: what it is, what it does, and who the key
  • stakeholders are
  • Communications Events wiki page
  • Please list any events you are aware of
  • And any events you present at

Arien Malec

  • Rich Elmore sent an email asking for organizations to add themselves to the new self-attestation page, HIT Vendor Self-Attestation
  • HIT vendors can provide self-attestation of plans to implement Direct
  • AllScripts has announced their plans
  • Two organizations mentioned yesterday through press releases that they also plan to implement Direct
  • This page will be a strong way for organizations to document ability, willingness
  • Will link off of Communications Workgroup page and off of homepage
  • If you are an HIE, EHR, PHR and if you’ve adopted or have plans to adopt Direct standards, you can add your name there
  • At this stage it is a low threshold self-attestation; will be other categories over time with higher thresholds
  • Will have standards later—more formal mechanisms to determine if implementing correctly

Documentation and Testing WG
Arien Malec

  • Security Overview: Consensus (Due November 1, 2010)
  • Giant SHALL document
  • Big long list of shells, need to do review process post ref imp
  • Janet Campbell will be drafting a testing guide during this week’s Face to Face meeting
  • Major revision to XDR and XDM for Direct Messaging
  • Almost complete, needs some reorganizing

Best Practices WG
Arien Malec

  • Big output—best practices for HISPs had lots of great materials, but still things to address, review team to go over changes
  • Arien Malec will work on
  • Mariann Yeager at ONC provided lessons learned from ONC Exchange
  • Some same questions Direct is facing have already been answered through Nationwide Health Information Network Exchange

Security and Trust WG
Arien Malec

  • Update from 10/21 Meeting:
  • Focus group developing threat model for “XDR and XDM for Direct Messaging” specification (lead: John Moehrke)
  • Assuming threat model for SMTP SMIME arc and XDR published in IG work are sufficient for the
  • incoming and outgoing legs of the work, what’s really needed is threat models for conversion
  • itself
  • Will concentrate efforts on threat models for conversions
  • Call for Consensus by Security & Trust WG on Certificate Pilot Recommendations (extended to 10/28) [4]
  • Direct Project Security Overview now up for IG Consensus
  • Document achieved Security & Trust WG Consensus last week

Calendar &Participation
Arien Malec

  • Introduced calendar of weekly meetings:
Meeting Time
Reference Implementation WG
Tuesdays, 12pm-1pm EST
Communications WG
Tuesdays, 1pm-2pm EST
Implementation Geographies WG
Wednesdays 12pm-1pm EST
Documentation and Testing WG
Wednesdays, 2pm-3pm EST
Best Practices WG
Thursdays, 1pm-2pm EST
Security and Trust WG
Thursdays, 2pm-3pm EST

Tim Andrews

  • Asked if there is a way to be aware of what is going on without reading whole wiki

Arien Malec

  • Pointed to the news ticker on the wiki title page
  • Arien Malec tries to document on the blog as things go to consensus
  • He’s started to open up blogging to WG leads
  • Janet Campbell posted news about the Overview document to the blog


  • Asked how to post comments on the Direct Security Overview

Arien Malec